Starseed Bootcamp 


👽 Embark on a journey of Shadow Work to mend the wounds of your Inner Child, unlocking the gates to Multidimensional Consciousness.

 👽 Ignite the strands of your Multidimensional DNA, fostering a profound connection with your higher self.

 👽 Venture across dimensions to Lightships, establishing telepathic links with your Cosmic Kin.

 👽 Absorb Lightcode transmissions from your Star Family, enhancing your spiritual evolution. Discover your Earthly purpose and celestial mission in this incarnation.

 👽 Unlock and harness your Higher-dimensional talents and abilities now activated.

 👽 Learn self-healing and the healing of others through advanced Galactic methodologies.

 👽 Gain the Ability to tap into the Galactic Akashic Records, retrieving cosmic wisdom to guide your journey.

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