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At Project Starborn, our mission is to empower individuals to explore, understand, and awaken their multidimensional nature by providing transformative services and training in the realms of psychic and spiritual development. We are dedicated to fostering human potential and facilitating CE-5 experiences, quantum healing, and other psychic phenomena to create a harmonious connection between our inner selves and the universe. Through our expert guidance and innovative methodologies, we aim to create a global community of enlightened beings who embrace their innate abilities, transcending the limitations of our physical existence and forging a new path towards unity, wisdom, and cosmic consciousness.


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Recommended Supplements, Protocols, Devices, and Books to Quicken your Ascension Process

Meet your Facilitator: 

Jerome is a Metaphysical Practitioner  Specializing in Advanced Galactic Healing Technologies, DNA Activation, and Facilitating Close Encounters with Galactic, Interdimensional and Transdimensional Beings.

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The Star-seed Initiative is a show dedicated to star-seeds who are awakening to their multidimensional nature, providing information and resources to help them activate their consciousness technology and how to walk in their divine purpose, to manifest their highest timelines. 

This series is broadcasted on the network GnosticTV.com, a platform dedicated to spiritual evolution.

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