Manifestation Blueprint


Co-create with Jerome, in "Manifestation Blueprint." This is not your average informational course... This is a transmission of consciousness. Jerome guides you in mastering the art of curating the perfect vision, and how to cultivate the precise E-motional profile to wake your most sought-after dreams into reality. Jerome takes you on a quantum field trip, where he makes each step with you to make sure that you are set up for success and can effectively reprogram the morphogenetic field. 

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Testimony from the "Blueprinters"


"I had a deep emotional release when visualizing the screens of speaking to people in my inner and outer circle that really opened me up to the rest of the experience. I felt buzzing in my hands and feet and snakes of light going around my body, towards the end. I can see what must be done much more clearly, now. Like If I was caught in a snow storm that finally just let up, all of a sudden. I’ve never done light language before, but I feel like my own light language is already wanting to come through. I feel grounded yet supremely energized at the same time. This was an extremely potent transmission unlike anything I’ve experienced before. Frequencies of unconditional love of the highest and purest degree for the highest and greatest good of all mankind. I am Eternally grateful, Jerome. Much love to you and yours."   

-Nicholas C


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