CE-5: Galactic DNA Discovery


Dear Seeker of Truth,

Are you ready to embark on a journey beyond the veil of the known, into the realms where science meets spirituality? Welcome to CE-5 - DNA Discovery, where ancient wisdom merges seamlessly with cutting-edge technology to unlock the hidden potential encoded within your very DNA.


What is CE-5 - DNA Discovery?

CE-5 - DNA Discovery is not just a service; it's a gateway to profound self-discovery and transformation. Combining principles from the CE-5 contact protocols and the latest advancements in genetic analysis, this unique offering provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to explore the depths of your being like never before.


Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA:

Have you ever felt a deep, unexplainable connection to the cosmos, as if the stars themselves were whispering secrets to your soul? CE-5 - DNA Discovery seeks to unravel the cosmic blueprint encoded within your DNA, revealing the hidden knowledge and potential that lie dormant within you.


Illuminate Your Path to Self-Realization:

As the mysteries of your DNA are unveiled, you will gain profound insights into your unique gifts, talents, and purpose. Discover hidden aspects of your personality, ancestral lineage, and cosmic heritage that offer valuable clues about your soul's journey through time and space.


What to Expect:

👽 Guided sessions to enhance your connection to the cosmos

👽 Practical exercises and techniques to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Cosmic Potential?

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration unlike any other, then CE-5 - DNA Discovery is your gateway to the stars. Step into the unknown, embrace the mysteries of the universe, and unlock the infinite possibilities that await within you.


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Spaces are limited, and the cosmic journey awaits. Contact us now to reserve your spot and take the first step towards unlocking the secrets of your DNA.

Galactic DNA Discovery


Embark on a mesmerizing journey beyond the boundaries of time and space with our revolutionary metaphysical service, Galactic DNA Discovery. This unique experience transports you into an altered state of consciousness, enabling you to connect with your Star family and uncover your celestial heritage aboard an Interdimensional Light Ship.

Under the skilled guidance of our expert practitioners, Galactic DNA Discovery utilizes advanced techniques, including guided visualization, deep meditation, and energetic attunements, to elevate your consciousness to higher dimensions. As you traverse the vast cosmic landscape, you will be lovingly guided to your Star family, unveiling your galactic lineage and awakening your soul's true purpose.

During your encounter with your Star family, you will receive profound insights, healing energies, and spiritual wisdom, empowering you to unlock your innate gifts and abilities. By integrating these cosmic connections into your daily life, you will experience a profound shift in your perception, awakening your latent potential and expanding your understanding of the universe and your place within it.

Galactic DNA Discovery is more than just a metaphysical service; it is an invitation to embrace your cosmic origins and cultivate a deep sense of belonging within the universal tapestry. By connecting with your Star family, you will embark on an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and spiritual evolution, allowing you to step confidently into your role as a beacon of light and wisdom on Earth.

Customer Testimonials 


“Hi my name is Richard, I’m a hypnotherapist, Reiki Master + Teacher and co-founder of Calonlan Healing. I’ve had two sessions with Jerome, we started doing some inner child work and honestly as someone who works on inner child with client’s… what we did in 15 minutes would take me a week or so with a client, so that was quite incredible. The next part, Jerome guided me into my heart space, I’ve discovered this place is like a portal. I was able to connect to Jerome and then really before I knew it, I was beamed up onto a light ship, which was absolutely incredible. I met my ET guides, who did several DNA and light body activations on me. While that was happening, my whole body was vibrating, the sheer power of that was incredible! The ETs each gave me advice or taught me different abilities, which were just fantastic. They took me into a smaller light ship and traveled around the earth to show me how to remote view; we flew down to Antarctica which was incredible. while down there we could see a big hole in the Ice. We went into the hole and inside there were several civilizations, we went to Shambhala and were just flying around, words cant describe the beauty of this direct experience. It was a life-changing to witness that which seemed way outside of the average human capacity, even as an experienced healer! Afterwards I was beamed back into my heart space. Jerome is such an experienced guide, I couldn't believe I just experienced that. I’d highly recommend it to everyone.”

-        Richard 


"I wanted to just give a huge shout out to Jerome, we just did a beautiful activation experience where we got on a Zoom call and he quickly guided me through a visualization that led instantly into an out-of-body experience where there were things that were visually and physically experienceable. Initially we opened the heart space and then he called on to this screen in my mind's eye where I was able to see all my younger selves from my childhood. I was able to see age one, age two, all the way up to age fifteen. We went one by one, and I connected my heart energy to their higher energy, I saw this gold light pour into their beings and then they either jumped up and merged into me, or they showed me a memory of something that happened during that age that was traumatic that was a memory that had been suppressed until this point. What was beautiful was I was able to see certain things for what they were, the more that these other versions of myself merged into me, the lighter I began to feel. I started to feel like I was dropping out of reality entirely. What was really beautiful was throughout the whole process I felt like I was channeling. As the suppressed memories came forward, it was like the message I needed to learn from each experience came directly through the channel showing me everything each step of the way. Next he had me go into my heart space and there was this beam of light, and the light beamed me up into his light ship, which seemed to be made of a malleable crystalline structure that was blue-Ish. Jerome guided me in into this room of the ship, where there were six beings. Five physical-like beings and one translucent light being that was floating. Each being gave me a different download telepathically. The first one activated unconditional love within me so I’d be to be able to then express this to others in an almost saintly way. Above a capacity that the average human might get to experience in this lifetime. Another one shot this light down my spine and installed this program that would direct me daily on what to do during meditation, to achieve the greatest amount of enlightenment. Then Arcturian took me to a room where they laid me on a table and projected frequency into my body, which realigned different energy patterns in my being. I felt like this aqua like substance surround my pineal gland, my whole being was surrounded by this plasma-aqua like substance. It was like stars light held within this substance and the stars were forming a geometric pattern within me. When they were finished, Jerome guided me out of the ship and back into my heart space. It was the most beautiful experience. I'm more than grateful, it's not every day you encounter someone like Jerome who can guide you through something of that nature. I really suggest that you tap in."

-         Kephra



"Im soo excited to share this experience with the world! Jerome took me into a light ship for a DNA activation. It was so beautiful, I met five light beings. We went into his interdimensional light ship and these beings were healing me. They healed my heart chakra, my throat chakra, they connected me energetically to the earth.. I saw two of my past lives. I saw a past life when I was in Egypt. I saw myself mapping out the stars, I was mapping out chakra points in the human body. These beings sent a DNA spiral helix down my spine, down my whole body, I literally felt all the energy encapsulate me. As I was seeing what was happening, Jerome was saying what was happening! This was without a doubt, interdimensional travel. I saw myself when I was little and I connected to my traumatized inner child, a part of me that was disconnected from myself. After witnessing these traumatic things that happen to me, Jerome showed me how to fill the little four-year-old up with light and guided me to accept this fragmented part of myself back into my heart. What I experienced wouldn’t have been possible for me without Jerome’s guidance. My mind is still blown. While this was happening, I could feel the physical sensations of what these interdimensional beings were doing, this was the most insane spiritual experiences that I’ve ever experienced. I had a light being working on my chakras, doing mudras, I could hear them chanting. I was channeled information to help myself to ground my body. I literally saw what I needed to do, these beings showed me a breath work technique to instantly ground myself. If you feel like you are ready for the next level in your journey… without a doubt, Jerome will take you there."




"Hello everyone, I had a session last night with Jerome and to meet my star family and I have to say, it was a crazy amazing experience. I work in the quantum field myself, and to have someone facilitate something as powerful as this for you is mind blowing. The way in which Jerome is able to help you release things from parallel realities and different timelines that are holding you back hear and now is an amazing gift. The best part of the journey is when Jerome takes you onto the space fleet where you meet various light beings. They provide healing, different activations, and shadow work. Honestly there's so much to this experience and as someone who works in this field and who knows how powerful the quantum is for your ascension, it's definitely something that I would recommend doing. Remember, there's nothing to worry about in respect of ascending too quickly, your ET guides, your team, are only ever going to assist you to develop at the rate that is right for your soul. Being able to heal these karmas and traumas from past lives, from future lives, from parallel lives, from different universes, it's a very powerful experience. I had this experience last night and I woke up this morning feeling amazing. I felt amazing during the session, I felt everything that went on during the experience in my physical body. My energy levels and my abilities have completely peaked today,  so massive thank you Jerome! I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to connect with themselves and their star family at the highest level."




"Working with Jerome has been truly life-changing for me. He's not just a teacher; he's a guide who opened a whole new world of metaphysical techniques. Learning from him, I discovered how to connect with my higher self and even ET's! It sounds wild, but it's been incredibly enlightening. One of the most amazing things I learned was how to do body scans and use med bed technology. With these techniques, I can help heal myself and others in ways I never thought possible. It's like having a superpower to bring comfort and relief to those in need. But it didn't stop there. Through Jerome's guidance, I've activated higher levels of consciousness within myself. It's like tapping into a deeper understanding of the universe and my place in it. And then there's the light language – something I never knew existed before meeting Jerome. It's a form of communication and also a vibration, and it's helped me channel helping spirits to assist me in my healing work as a Shaman. Overall, my experience with Jerome has been beyond words. He's opened doors I never knew existed and empowered me to explore the depths of my being. I'm forever grateful for his wisdom and guidance."